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Mentoring You To Freedom

Guided Road To Recovery

Affordable Mentoring

No Travel Required

We offer different options to fit a client's budget

We will guide from start to finish, and give you the tools to not only achieve freedom, but maintain it

We mentor men from around the world through our secure and private virtual meeting rooms

Begin the Healing Process

5 Steps to Growing in Purity

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Weekly 1 hour one-on-one meeting with
Ken to cover content
tailored to indivdual's specific needs.
Duration: 4,6, or 8 weeks 

*With option to extend
Cost: 4 meetings: $299 

6 meetings: $429 

8 meetings: $549 



Ken speaks at men's retreats as well as one off events, offering both lecture based messages and interactive

workshops on topics such as: Living a life of sexual integrity, practical steps  to fight sexual sin, creating a personalized battle plan, and more.  

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Weekly 1 hour in person or closed zoom group of 6-8 men will read and discuss the book 'Surfing for God' with Ken, and cover other related content.
Duration: 9 weeks
 Cost: $199 

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Large Group Events

1-1 Mentoring

Group Mentoring

'Ken has a true gift for helping men follow Jesus on a personal and intimate level. He has lovingly walked by my side in my journey towards sexual purity for the past couple years, and his advice and mentorship has had life changing, freeing impacts.'


'Ken’s responses to sin confession always point me straight towards God’s never-failing love, and he has a great understanding of when to push harder against habits in my life that lead to sexual temptation / sin. I am so appreciative of how he leans into difficult conversations by sharing deeply about his past and present experiences and invites anyone to share openly. I have been incredibly blessed to have such a wise, committed, and simultaneously hilarious person to help me grow in purity!'


'Ken Anderson has been an amazing influence in my life. He has helped guide me through struggles with purity and with my spiritual walk in general, aware that it is not him doing the work, but God working through him. Ken’s gentleness and willingness to speak the truth, even when it is hard to hear, made him an amazing accountability partner and friend to me.'


I have worked with hundreds of men over the past 14 years in my job with the Navigators collegiate ministry.  I have discipled men, led bible studies, and led sexual addiction recovery groups.  In this time I’ve achieved my own freedom from pornography, and have successfully helped others do the same.  Because of the hard earned wisdom of being an addict and recovering myself, combined with

my years of experience mentoring men, knowledge of the Bible, and successfully helping other men overcome their addiction to pornography, I feel confident in my ability to help other men do the same.  I would absolutely love to get to know you, hear your story, and help you in your journey!  Learn more about my story here.    

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